10 Amazing Ways To Make Extra Money for Christmas

Want to make extra money for Christmas?  If so, you came to the right place! One of my favorite times of the year is Christmas and it is coming pretty soon!

Besides the good food, family gatherings, and putting the Christmas tree and lights up, it also means a lot of Christmas expenses piling up fast!

For a lot of people, it also means a lot of stress because, to be honest, buying those special gifts or other Christmas expenses can put a dent in your bank account!

Thankfully, there are some smart ways where you can afford all those expenses related to Christmas season without going broke. Below you’ll find 10 simple ways to make quick cash for the Holidays.

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10 Ways To Make Extra Money For Christmas

Answer Surveys

There are many legitimate and trustworthy survey sites that let you earn extra cash. Basically, companies will pay you real money just for doing a fairly easy task such as answering surveys, watching videos or even playing games!

Here are some of my favorite and trustworthy online survey sites:

Swagbucks is a very reliable and respected company among online survey sites. With Swagbucks, you earn SB points each time you answer surveys, search the web, shop online, play games, watch videos and more!

Then you can redeem your accumulated SB points and convert them into cash via Paypal or gift cards. Also, with Swagbucks, you can earn up to $35 per survey. So, it is definitely an option to try. Receive a free $5 bonus just for signing up today through my link here.

Inbox Dollars is one of the largest “get-paid-to” programs. Their system sends you all the qualifying surveys straight to your inbox. So, you just click their link, complete the survey and make money.

With Inbox Dollars, you can make money by playing online games, reading emails, searching the web, shopping online, redeeming grocery coupons and more! Get a free $5 bonus when you sign up through my link here.

Sell Items

Selling items that you don’t need anymore is a good idea to make money before the holidays. Take advantage of online places such as Amazon, eBay or even Facebook! Yes, you can sell your things very quickly by using your smartphone and Facebook.

I recommend joining different local Facebook groups around your city. This is because whenever you are ready to sell your things you can post them on all the groups you are part of.

It will increase your chances to sell your items quicker and therefore make extra money fast! Also, if you find someone that is interested in what you are selling make sure to set up a public place to make the transaction.

Earn Cash Back for Shopping

This is one of the easiest ways to make extra money. Take advantage of Ibotta and earn cash back whenever you do your grocery shopping.

Using Ibotta has really helped me earn cash back from my regular purchases at the store such as fruits, veggies, dairy, bread, household items and so on! You can even get cash back just for submitting your grocery receipt!

Ibotta is an app that not only allows you to earn cash back on groceries but also in clothing, restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies and more!

Bonus: Grab a FREE $10 welcome bonus from Ibotta when you sign up through this link.

Get a Temporary Second Job

Getting a temporary second job could help you raise money for the holidays really fast. Many businesses are always looking for extra help for the upcoming holidays and they are able to offer temporary jobs.

You could take advantage of these temporary job opportunities and work on weekends or in the evenings. Remember that this is only temporary and that it would actually help you earn extra cash before Christmas.

Use Cash Back on Your Christmas Purchases

Rakuten allows you to earn cash back for purchases you make online through their links. They have hundreds of online stores to choose from where you can earn cash back.

Whenever I do online shopping, I always make sure to use Rakuten and then click the online store I want to purchase from. With this, I make sure I get the most out of the money.

Basically, they give you cash back from shopping thru their links. You can also use discounts and coupons while shopping online. Then, you can always use that extra earned money for Christmas’ presents or any other things you want. Sign up for Rakuten here and receive $10 cash back with your first $25 purchase.

Share Your Knowledge

Do you have any expertise in any area? If so, then you can share your knowledge in an online course and earn some extra cash! You could easily make some extra money for Christmas by sharing your expertise with others through an online course with Udemy.


Becoming a babysitter for the Holidays is a great way to earn extra cash.  There are so many things to do during the holiday season.  Because of this, many parents become overwhelmed with all the chaos and stress.

This is why getting a babysitting job during or before the holidays is always a great idea. You can earn some extra cash by working part-time as a babysitter. You can offer your services in different places such as Craigslist or Care.com.

Become an Online English Teacher

Magic Ears, is an online teaching service that provides teaching English to children in China.  They connect students with teachers for a fully immersive 1:1 online English language experience.

Magic Ears is currently hiring remote teachers and you could make between $18 to $26 an hour by working in your free time from home (or anywhere).

If you think this is a great opportunity to start making extra money for Christmas, then check out how you can become an online English Teacher and make money from home here

Participate in Market Research

Participating in market research is another way you can earn extra money for Christmas. There are many companies that pay for an honest opinion of products, brands, or new market trends.

Most of the time you accumulate reward points that you can later convert them into money via Paypal. Here are some companies that I recommend joining: YouGov, Pinecone Research, and Vindale.

Also, make sure to check out this post about top high pay survey site to earn extra money.

Install Money Making Apps in your Phone

There are several apps that will help you earn extra money just for downloading and installing them on your phone. These apps study the way you use the internet or social media platforms such as Facebook. They will pay you money for keeping the app on your phone.

Here are some of my favorite apps to make some extra money:

Survey SavvyConnect ($5/month per device and up to $180/year!), Nielsen Mobile PanelMobileXpression (Android users) (Get $5 Free Bonus), Smart Panel ($5 sign-up bonus, $110 in 1 year and up to $230 in 24-months!)

Make sure to read this article that explains how every app works and how you will get paid.

There are many more options you can try to make extra money before Christmas. The opportunities listed above could make a difference in your Christmas expenses this year. Hopefully, you could use these 10 ways to make extra cash for the holidays and have a great Christmas this year!

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