21 Cheap and Easy Dollar Store Halloween Decorations

Looking to have a spooky Halloween on a budget? Halloween is just around the corner, and you can have lots of fun with these cheap and easy dollar-store Halloween decoration ideas.

From Dollar store pumpkins, and skulls to spooky spiders and eyes, you can easily create some easy DIY Halloween projects and decorate your home without breaking the bank!

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I love Halloween because it is the time of the year when my family and I enjoy having a lot of fun creating different Halloween DIY projects.

The best part is that you can create great decorations to hang around your house with cheap dollar-store supplies.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your house for Halloween! You can use dollar store supplies and make some awesome Halloween decorations for your house this year.

There are tons of Halloween decor items you can find and any Dollar Tree, such as plastic or foam pumpkins, plastic or foam Halloween skulls, magnetic spiders, Halloween craft tape, vases, candle holders, mod podge, and much more!

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To make these decorations, you may need some additional materials, which you probably already have around your house. If not, these supplies can be easily found at any store for cheap:

Without further ado, let’s check out these 21 cheap and easy dollar-store Halloween decoration ideas!

Cheap and Easy Dollar Store Halloween Decoration Ideas

1. Halloween Skull Wreath

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations - Skull Wreath
Photo Credit: Tried & True

Here is a fun way to decorate your door for Halloween. How handy are these skulls from the dollar store? Get some skulls, hot glue, wire, and a ribbon, and you’ll have an amazing, scary Halloween wreath.

2. Magnetic Spiders

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations - Magnetic Spiders
Photo Credit: Miss Lovie Creations

I don’t know about you, but I’m afraid of spiders. That being said, this is an easy and fun way to decorate your house this Halloween.

You can place these dollar-store spiders on your door, walls, refrigerator, stove, or any place you want! This is an easy DIY Halloween decoration idea!

3. DIY Ghost Candles

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations - Ghost Candles
Photo Credit: Thoughtfully Simple

Want an easy, fun, and cheap Halloween decorating idea? Try these DIY ghost candles! This little project will take you only minutes to make. Get some dollar-store candles, and have fun drawing ghost faces with a Sharpie.

The best part is that this dollar store Halloween decoration idea will cost only $3.00! Without a doubt, this is a cheap way to decorate your house for Halloween this year.

4. Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations - Halloween Wreath
Photo Credit: Organized Island

Here’s another fun way to decorate your door for Halloween. I like Raquel’s idea of putting a light-up glitter skull on the top.

It adds a spooky Halloween touch. Notice also the hanging skeleton and bats. This is a genius Halloween wreath that you can make with dollar store supplies.

5. Dollar Tree Halloween Skull Decor

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations - Dollar Tree Halloween Skull Decor
Photo Credit: 17turtles

It is amazing how dollar-store Halloween craft supplies can be turned into something awesome and full of spookiness.

Use some dollar tree Halloween decorations such as skulls and candleholders, put them together with some products you may already own, and create this spectacular Halloween decor idea!

6. Upcycled Skulls

dollar store Halloween decorations -upcycled skulls
Photo Credit: DIY Candy

This is a super fun idea for decorating your house with Dollar Tree Halloween decor products. I would love to try this one with other colors of paint too! In the tutorial, you can learn other ways to use these dollar-store Halloween skulls.

7. Crashed Witch

Dollar store Halloween Decoration - Crashed Witch
Photo Credit: Halloween Forum

Here is a cute and funny idea for decorating your house for Halloween. This Halloween decor will look great on your porch or next to your front door.

The best part is that it is very easy and cheap to make—you can use a pair of old shoes, pool noodles, socks from the dollar store, and a little bit of imagination, and you’ll have this awesome piece of Halloween decor!

8. Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary

Dollar store Halloween Decoration - Pumpkin Topiary
Photo Credit: The Kim Six Fix

Those dollar-store pumpkins will definitely come in handy for Halloween and fall. Here is a super easy and great-looking dollar-store Halloween decor idea.

Paint some dollar-store pumpkins with white and black paint, and you have a very cool Halloween project!

9. Dollar Store DIY Skeleton Dish

Dollar store Halloween Decoration - Skeleton Dish
Photo Credit: Four Front Doors

You can make this creepy Halloween skeleton dish with dollar store supplies. Use this cheap Halloween decoration for things like a candle or Halloween candy if you want. The different ideas on how to decorate this DIY skeleton dish are endless.

10. Pumpkin Door Decor

Dollar Store Decorations - Pumpkin Door Decor
Photo Credit: Everyday Celebrating

I love the idea of decorating the front door with these pumpkins. The idea is super simple—grab some dollar tree pumpkins, cut them in half, and decorate them as you wish!

You can use spray paint and some dollar store ribbons. Put them together, and you’ll have an awesome, cheap Halloween decoration for your front door!

11. Webbed Window Covering

Dollar Store Decorations - Webbed Window Covered
Photo Credit: BHG

Here is a super easy Halloween decor idea to transform your front door. Get some black craft tape and design this spooky spider web in only three steps. Don’t forget the spider, which can also be found at the dollar store!

12. Boneyard Lantern

Dollar Store Decorations - Boneyard Lantern
Photo Credit: Ohmy-creative

This super cool DIY Halloween decor idea is made from dollar store supplies. Mini skulls, a vase, glue, paint, and a couple battery operated tea lights, and you’ll have a cool decorative skull vase for Halloween.

You can check out the source link to read the full tutorial and find the list of all materials you may need.

13. Skull Candles

Dollar Store Decorations - Skull Candles
Photo Credit: House of Dewberry

Here is another way to use Halloween skulls from the dollar store. I absolutely love how they look. It’s worth mentioning that this DIY Halloween decor idea is very affordable—you can get most of the materials at Dollar Tree.

14. Bandana Pumpkin

Photo Credit: Creatively Beth

How cute are these Dollar Tree Bandana Pumpkins? You can make these quick and easy Halloween pumpkin decorations with just two supplies some paint and twine in about 15 minutes.

15. Spiders Halloween Wreath

Photo Credit: simplydesigning.net

This is a fun DIY Halloween wreath that was made with affordable items from the Dollar section of the grocery store!

As Ashley mentioned, you don’t have to be crafty to create these types of Halloween decor. With simple, budget-friendly items, you can create your own easy Halloween Wreath this year.

16. Hanging Cage Props

DIY Halloween Cage Prop
Photo Credit: The Navage Patch

This DIY Halloween decoration is one of my favorites! It started with some laundry baskets and other items that together turned into a great Halloween decor!

The best part is that every single item you see in the picture came from the Dollar Store! These Halloween hanging cages will definitely look perfect on your front porch or yard!

17. Halloween Plastic Tablecloth Wreath

DIY Halloween Plastic Tablecloth Wreath
Photo Credit: My Pinterventures

Want to create an easy-to-make and spooky Halloween wreath? This is a quick, easy, and inexpensive wreath using a plastic tablecloth, spiders, and webbing.

You can find most of the materials in the Dollar Store Halloween section and create this budget-friendly Halloween decor.

18. Witch-Themed Halloween Wreath

This witch-themed DIY Dollar Tree wreath is a great addition to your front door. You can easily find the materials at the Dollar store and create this amazing Halloween wreath.

19. Recycled Bottle Halloween Ghosts

DIY Recycled Halloween Ghosts
Photo Credit: Creatively Beth

Want a cheap and easy Halloween decoration idea? Some simple plastic drink bottles from Dollar Tree along with stuffing and felt transform into the most adorable ghosts in about 15 minutes.

20. DIY Skulls for Halloween

DIY Halloween skull decor
Photo Credit: We Three Shanes

Here are some creative and budget-friendly skull crafts to decorate your house for Halloween. Not only succulents but also planters, centerpieces, or jewels can create a fun Halloween decor vibe around your house!

21. $4 Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath

DIY Dollar Three Halloween Wreath
Photo Credit: Making Frugal Fun

Can you believe you can create this Halloween decor for just $4? Definitely, this is a cheap and easy Halloween DIY craft project.

Get a Dollar Tree wreath form, some Halloween garlands, a Halloween door sign, a hot glue gun, and glue sticks, and you can have this amazing DIY Halloween Wreath for your front door this year!

There you go! You can choose one or many of these dollar-store Halloween decoration projects and have serious fun creating Halloween decor.

Most of the materials used in every decoration idea above can be found for cheap at Dollar Tree.

Also, the majority of these projects can be done in a short period of time. I hope you have tons of fun and enjoy a spooky Halloween!

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13 Cheap and Easy Dollar Store Halloween Decorations

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