7 Things You Should Do Before Getting Pregnant

Taking care of your body for a healthy pregnancy is important not only for you as a future mother but also for the baby. Things such as a proper diet, good vitamin supplements, and exercise can tremendously impact you, your baby and how you carry your pregnancy.

The majority of women that are trying to conceive are waiting so anxiously the moment when they finally can see those two lines or the word “Pregnant” appear on those home pregnancy tests. When it finally happens we are on a cloud!! Especially if this is the first baby and you’ve been trying for so long to get pregnant.

However, you need to realize how important it is to take proper care of your body and prepare it for a healthy pregnancy. After all, we want to give the best of ourselves to that little bundle of joy!

Below are some of the tips on how you can take care of your body before pregnancy. If you want to carry a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby then these steps are ideal for your road to motherhood.

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1. Take Prenatal Multivitamins

A good source of multivitamins is a plus for women trying to conceive. According to the American Pregnancy Association, women should try to avoid brands that contain synthetic vitamins.  This is due to the fact that it may affect the baby’s health. Personally, I’ve tried different brands and I’ve found out that some multivitamin brands make my stomach hurt or they make me nauseated…not fun at all!

After trial and error, I’ve discovered these great prenatal multivitamins and I love them! It is a whole food prenatal multivitamin that not only is good for you and your baby but it is packed with probiotics for a better digestive system! I do highly recommend them before during and after pregnancy.

2. Take Folic Acid

This vitamin is essential to avoid neural tube defects. It should be taken before and during pregnancy or even if you are not trying to get pregnant. Foods that are rich in folic acid includes; leafy green vegetables such as spinach or kale, bread, cereal, orange juice, pasta, and beans. However, doctors will usually recommend a daily vitamin with the adequate amount of folic acid. There are different brands in the market to choose from. I took the ones from Nature’s Bounty. I usually take them additionally to my prenatal multivitamins.

3. Limit Caffeine

According to March of Dimes, women trying to conceive should limit their amount of caffeine to 200 mg or the equivalent of one cup of coffee (8 oz).  Studies have shown the link between high amounts of coffee intake and miscarriages.

Sometimes, people have a hard time to give up their morning cup of coffee. I am one of those. I need that morning pick me up thing to keep rolling.

I’ve have found the Yogi Kombucha Green Tea that gives me just the right amount of energy every morning! It has the only 30mg  of caffeine as compared to the 95- 200 mg in a cup of regular coffee! Besides that, it tastes great! Also, in this article, you can find more information about the effects of caffeine in pregnant women.

4. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

If you are a smoker, then it will be a good idea to quit as soon as possible. Avoiding smoking will not only enhance your chances of pregnancy but it will help with the proper development of your baby.

Research shows that smoking is related to a premature baby and low birth weight.  It is also recommended to avoid second-hand smoke which can indirectly affect yours and your baby’s health. In addition, you should consider to cutting or limiting the amount of alcohol intake. The excess of alcohol could limit the chances of getting pregnant and it affects the quality of men’s sperm. Therefore, it is a good reason for you and your partner to avoid or limit the amount of alcohol.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight

A proper BMI is ideal for a healthy pregnancy. Aiming for a healthy weight before getting pregnant may help you to avoid complications during pregnancy and delivery. Before and during my pregnancy I changed my diet. When I say diet is not about of eating very low calories… that’s not the right route! It is about the type of food that it is consumed every day.

I tried to eat food rich in omega 3 or healthy fats such as salmon, avocados, almonds, etc. I incorporated a variety of vegetables and fruits in smoothies. This not only gave me a balanced diet but also a healthy proper weight to be ready for pregnancy.

In addition to a proper diet, before I become pregnant, I complemented my nutrition with Vitamineral Green from HealthForce. It is a natural supplement with no additives, fillers or hidden sugars. Everything on it is organic and you won’t find anything synthetic in it. I used to take it every morning in a smoothie and it made me feel more energized during the day!

Along with this, I used to add MacaForce, my favorite is the Lucuma Spice flavor. Maca has a lot of benefits for women and men. One of the main benefits is that it regulates your hormones! So, Maca can help you avoid being in a bad mood during the day.

6. Incorporate an Exercise Routine:

Exercise is also good for you when trying to get pregnant. It will improve your overall health and mood. Try to add a different routine that includes walking, dancing, running and weight lifting.

I always tried to have some fun while exercising so I didn’t get bored with the same thing over and over. Along with different types of exercises, I’ve tried the prenatal workouts from Suzanne Bowen and I liked them! The workouts are short and effective and she gives options to modify the exercises.

7. Schedule a Prenatal Visit with your Doctor or Midwife

Your Doctor is the ideal person to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do regarding your health.

He or she will assess any previous medical conditions that may affect you or your future baby. He will guide you about the importance of proper nutrition and a healthy weight.

This way, you can avoid things such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or any other risk that may affect you and your baby during your pregnancy. So, this is an important step that should not be skipped.

In conclusion, when considering motherhood you should take proper action to increase your chances of getting pregnant and carrying a healthy pregnancy. These steps are the basis for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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7 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

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