10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

For many families, one of the most expensive utility bills is the electric bill.

Prices could vary from place to place but one thing is for sure: the more you use the more you will pay.

Below are some of the best ways to save money on your electric bill. These are simple and easy tips to help cut down the costs that you are paying each month.

You might think some of these tips won’t make much difference, but they all will! If you do some of the multiple options listed below, you will begin to see extra savings on your utility bill.

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How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

If you are prioritizing your goals such as paying off debt or increasing your emergency fund, then cutting your monthly expenses should be your main concern. Apply this money-saving tips to save money on your electric bill now.

1. Programmable Thermostat:

You can save money on your electric bill by installing a programmable thermostat. This is a great way not to waste heat and cooling when you are not at home.

The best way to save money with a programmable thermostat, and what worked for us, is to set it to 68°F during winter and 75°F during summer.

Also, program the thermostat lower during winter and at a comfortable higher temperature in summer. By doing this, you will make sure that your electric bill stays low.

2. Turn Lights Off:

Make sure to turn the lights off when you leave the room. This is the simplest way to save money on your electric bill. However, many people ignore this completely.

By turning the lights off when not needed, you will substantially save money on your monthly electric bill.

3. Unplug Electronics Devices:

Unplug electronics when you are not using them. Avoid leaving the TV, computer, or other electronics alike plugged in during the day.

You might think that they are not using energy because they are not being used or they are off; however, the simple fact that they are plugged in means that they will continuously consume energy.

Unplugging unused electronics is a great way to cut a little bit off your electric bill.

4. Switch to LED Bulbs:

Although LED bulbs are more expensive than regular light bulbs they will really make a difference in your electricity bill. LED bulbs utilize less energy and last longer.

We upgraded our light bulbs to these LED energy-saving lights and it was one of the best decisions we made. Switching to LED bulbs will drastically reduce your electric bill.

5. Fix Air Leaks

Air leaks around windows and doors are responsible for paying high electricity bills at home.  Check around windows and door frames and fix any leaks you may find.

Consider buying a self-adhesive rubber or a foam sealant to seal any gap between windows, doors outlets, or switches.

Fixing any air leak is just a one-time repair, that in the long run will save you some money on electricity.

6. Check for Insulation

Make sure to get up in your attic or crawl space and look to ensure you have insulation. This helps protect your walls and ceiling from getting cold and hot air in.

If you don’t have enough insulation you can install it yourself or hire someone to come put down more. This can really be a great benefit to your electric bill.

7. Change Filters

Make sure to change air filters. The problem when filters do not receive regular maintenance is that they will make your HVAC system work harder, in turn using up more energy.

Besides, it can potentially damage your HVAC system and you might end up without any heat or air conditioning at all.

Experts recommend that air filters should be replaced at least every three months and more often if you own pets.

By keeping up with your air filters you will make sure that your HVAC system is working properly and that you are saving money on your electric bill.

8. Wash your Clothes with Cold Water

When you use warm or hot water to wash clothes, your washing machine is using energy to heat or warm the water. This will keep your electricity bill high.

Try to wash your clothes with cold water only. Not only will you save money but it is better for your clothes!

9. Air Dry Clothes:

When possible air-dry your clothes instead of using the dryer machine.  You have the option to air dry your clothes outside or inside your house.

If you lack space at home, then a foldable drying rack like this one could be a great alternative. Air drying your clothes outside or using a foldable drying rack for indoors is an easy way to lower your monthly electric bill.

10. Cook in Bulk

Chances are that you own a slow cooker or something similar that is saved away in your kitchen cabinets, use it! These kitchen appliances take little energy to cook and warm food compared to a regular stove. You can prepare a lot of food with them and save it for later.

You will not only save time on food cooking but also you will save energy consumption by going this route.

I use this pressure cooker and I love it! Is very practical, easy to use, and saves me a lot of time! Besides, it is fully insulated and this makes it energy efficient, which is a plus to my electric bill.

You will notice a significant reduction in your electric bill by implementing these simple tips around your home.

The best part of it is that your budget and wallet will thank you because you will have more money saved for future needs

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  1. Hi Shirley,
    This is a good list. One thing I’ve discovered accidentally by painting is that there probably isn’t any insulation around your door frames for your exterior doors. If you remove the trim around your exterior doors, there’s probably nothing but a few shims to make sure the door hangs square. You can spray foam insulation (buy a can at a local hardware store but make sure it isn’t the expanding kind) and put the trim back up. Significantly reduces the draft from your doors especially if you live anywhere that’s cold.


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