75 Frugal Tips to Save Money Every Month

Cutting back on your spending can really help you when you are going through a rough financial patch or even when trying to save up.

Every year the cost of groceries, utility bills, and more seem to creep up higher and higher. These are some of the main reasons why saving money should be a priority.

To give you some ideas, I have created a list of frugal living ideas to save money every month.

If you choose to follow some of these money-saving options, you will find you will have more money left over at the end of the month!

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70+ Frugal Living Tips to Save Money Every Month

These frugal living tips will help you reduce your household expenses at home. Save this money for a rainy day, create an emergency fund, pay off debt, or anything else you want

The thing is, by implementing these savings tips, it will help you tremendously in the long run! The more options you do, the more you will find you are saving each month. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Use Ibotta to get cash back on groceries.

Ibotta is a free app that allows you to earn cash back on your groceries, and it can really help you save a lot of money every month.

With Ibotta, you get cash back from your regular purchases at the store such as fruits, veggies, dairy, bread, household items, and so on! You can even get cash back just for submitting your grocery receipt!

Plus, you will receive a $20 welcome bonus just for using the app! This is free money!

Ibotta is super easy to use–you simply open the app, take a picture of your grocery receipt, and Ibotta will deposit money into your account.

Ibotta works with thousands of stores nationwide such as Walmart, Target, Amazon (including online stores), etc.  This makes it super easy to get extra cash on almost everything you buy.

Download Ibotta here and get a FREE $20 welcome bonus just for using the app!

2. Make extra money and save it!

Sometimes it is good to make extra money and save it! Use reward sites to make and save money every month. Here are some of my favorite sites:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the fastest and easiest way to start making money fast! Personally, my experience with Survey Junkie has been the best. After signing up they send to your inbox all the qualifying surveys so you can start earning money right away!

Survey Junkie offers excellent payouts to its members and they pay via PayPal! The best part is that it is free and easy to use!

Sign up for Survey Junkie here and start making money ASAP!


Swagbucks is one of the best rewards program that gives you free gift cards or cash for basically doing things that you do every day online. I personally love Swagbucks because it allows me to make extra money every single month.

With Swagbucks, you earn Swagbucks points each time you answer surveys, search the web, answer daily polls, shop online, play games, watch entertainment videos and so much more!

You redeem your accumulated SB points and convert them into cash via Paypal or redeem gift cards for your favorite retailers such as Amazon or Walmart.

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VIPKIDS is a company based in China that provides English learning experience to children 5-12-years-old in China. They’re currently hiring English speakers from the U.S. and Canada to teach English.

The company provides the curriculum, and the pay is up to $22 per hour!

Here are some of the requirements to become an Online English teacher for VIPKID:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Any formal or informal teaching experience, such as homeschooling, mentoring, tutoring, coaching, or alternative education
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If you’d like to become an online English teacher and work from home, click here to learn more about VIPKID

3. Bring your own lunch to work.

Depending on the area where you live, food at restaurants could cost you an average of $8-$12. Preparing your own meals and bringing them to work will save you hundreds per month. Besides that, you will certainly know what is in your food because you made it.

To save even more money, you can prepare food in big batches that could last you for the whole week. Also, you can meal prep on the weekends and save your food in this affordable meal prep containers.

4. Cancel the cable.

The average amount a family spends on Cable TV is around $120 per month. By getting rid of cable Tv you could potentially save over $1200/year!  With this, I don’t want you to think that you will not be watching TV at all.

There are different affordable options to replace the cost of the cable such as getting a digital antenna like this one and receive free local channels. Besides all the free channels you will also have the opportunity to enjoy HDTV shows!

5. Cancel the gym membership.

Going to a gym could get quite expensive over the year. The average cost is around $40 to $60 per month. However, there are different ways to get in shape other than paying for a gym membership.

Take advantage of outdoor activities such as walking or running. Also, you can get a cheap alternative such as working out at home. I’ve used this specific workout video not too long ago and I got great results!  This option is more affordable than a gym membership and also worth it!

6. Start a blog.

You might think how starting a blog can save you money? Starting a blog may help you in different ways to save more money. You can make money from a blog and save it. Besides, it is cheap to start a blog. I know a lot of people that make a good passive income from blogging.

Also, starting a blog was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. Running a blog allows me to work from home while taking care of my family. I enjoy having a flexible schedule and the best part is that I control the hours I spend on my blog!

If you are interested, I’ve developed an easy step-by-step tutorial to help you start a blog for cheap. You can have a blog of your own and the only real expense you need to pay is the low price in blog hosting which starts at just $3.95 per month

You can learn more about how to start a profitable blog here.

7. Make a budget.

Setting a budget will help you instantly save hundreds every month. You could set up your budget and check how much goes in and how much goes out for every expense of your house. Once you figure out how much your monthly expenses are, then try to adjust your spending and find ways to save money. By doing this every single month you will eventually develop a habit and become more mindful about your finances.

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8. Get an affordable cell phone plan.

Cell phone plans could cost a fortune every month. The worst thing about it is that you could be overpaying for your current plan. If you are looking for a low-cost plan I highly recommend Republic Wireless.

You can get a monthly plan for as low as $15 per month including unlimited talk, text, and data. It would definitely save you a lot of money per month compared to other big wireless carriers. You can learn more about Republic Wireless over here.

9. Cook more at home to reduce eating out.

Cooking more at home will save you more money every month. People get surprised when tracking down their expenses and see how much money they spend eating out per month!

By cooking your own food at home and reducing the amount of eating out you will save money and probably improve your health.

10. Consider a water filter.

Bottled water could cost you a lot of money on a monthly basis.  You could consider drinking water from your own home by installing a water filter. Years ago, I worked for a company that specialized in-home water filters.

At that time, the cost of a water filter for your whole house was around $7k! …I know expensive. Fortunately, I know for sure that there are other affordable alternatives for water filters that would offer you enough features and give you quality water.

11. Stop smoking.

Smoking is a bad habit that is very difficult to get rid of. However, the amount of money you spend on cigarettes is not only the issue but the consequences that come with smoking. Things such as doctors or hospital bills due to smoking will really cost you a lot of money. Don’t think it twice, today is your day, … quit now! I know its difficult,  but you can do it!

12. Grow a garden.

You will not only saving money by growing your own food but you will also be eating organic and healthy food. Growing your own plants or herbs is super cheap and easy to start.

You can buy seeds for less than $2 and start your own little garden at home or an apartment! My preferred herbs to grow are basil, cilantro, and parsley.

13. Use Rakuten when shopping online.

Rakuten allows you to earn cash back when shopping online. It is so simple to use. Just go to their website and click the link from the store you would like to buy from.  They give you cash back from shopping thru their links.

Get a Free $10 gift card bonus to different stores such as Target, Macy’s, Kohls or Walmart when you sign up through my link here.

14. Plan your meals for the week.

I always recommend planning your meals for the week. You could use the $5 meal plan to start saving money on your meals for the week. The plan is only $5  per month (after the 14-day trial period!).

They will send you the meal plan for the week and the exact shopping list you will need to make the meals straight to your inbox.

With this $5 dollar meal plan every meal with cost you $2 or less to make, super affordable! Find out more about the $5 meal plan here.

15. Buy generic brands.

Generic brands are cheaper compared to products with a well-known name. Usually, generic brands are 20% to 30 % cheaper compared to name-brand products.

Besides, by simply checking the product label, you’ll notice that most of the time generic brands contain the same or even better ingredients and fewer chemicals than named brand products!

16. Make your own coffee/tea at home.

Those, $3-$5 for a cup of coffee or tea from your favorite local coffee shop can really add up to some serious spending by the year’s end.

However, don’t feel deprived about enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea. Instead of buying it outside you can make it at home.  Save that money and put it towards your emergency fund or paying off debt.

17. Eat less meat.

Meat is expensive and it adds up a good part of your grocery bill. Consider buying chicken, beans, or any other supplement of meat.

You can prepare dishes that are not centered on meat. Instead, you can try beans, lentils or chicken. They are not only cheaper than meat but they are also healthier alternatives.

18. Buy seasonal produce.

You will save more money buying seasonal produce. Whenever you see a sale on seasonal produce buy it and use it in your meals. Any leftovers you can always preserve, freeze, and use later in other meals.

19. Try different stores for groceries.

Don’t be loyal to only one store, try different stores. Most of the time, products from store to store are cheaper by $1 – $2 or even more. So, try to go to different stores to find the best deals and get the most out of your money.

20. Eat before you go grocery shopping.

Avoid going hungry whenever you do your grocery shopping. By going hungry everything will look good to you and you may end up buying things that you don’t really need. Eat before you shop and you will avoid the temptation of buying unnecessary things.

21. Unplug appliances when they are not being used.

You don’t need to go overboard and unplug every electronic item at home. Prioritize the following items to reduce the amount of energy: TV, laptops, desktops, lamps, modems, toasters, or coffee machines.

22. Cancel landline phone and only use cell phones.

Nowadays, everything can be done from your own cell phone. You don’t need to pay two bills at home for the same purpose. Cancel your landline phone and stick to your cell phone.

23. Replace light bulbs around the house with LED.

Install energy-saving lights around your house. Recently, we got these LED energy-saving lights and installed in most places around the house. They utilize less energy and last longer.

24. Run the dishwasher when is full of dishes.

The amount of water it uses is the same whether is full or half full.

25. Use a programmable thermostat.

We use this programmable thermostat in our house and we are very happy with it. To save more money trying to run the thermostat in summer at 75 and in winter at 68 degrees.

26. Fix any air leaks around windows and doors.

Air leaks around windows and doors could be the reason you are paying high electricity bills at home. Try to seal them and save money on electricity. If you don’t know how to do it then learn from Youtube where you can find tons of videos about it.

27. Turn off lights when you are not in the room.

Living the lights on is a waste of time and money. Make it a habit and turn off a light every time you leave a room.

28. Wash your clothes in cold water.

Warm or hot water will keep your electricity bill high. Try to wash your clothes with cold water only. Not only you will save money but it is better for your clothes!

29. Walk or ride a bike for commutes that are close.

If your workplace is close to home why not take advantage and walk or ride a bike. You will save money on gas and it is a great way to stay in shape!

30. Carpool a few times a week.

If you drive a car then take advantage of carpooling options. Split the cost of gas and travel between passengers. You will save time and money by carpooling with people who live and work near you.

31. Skip movie theaters and rent videos at home.

Going to the movies could cost you a lot of money. You will not only pay for the movie ticket but also for the pricey food at the concessions. Instead, you can rent movies from Red Box or watch on Netflix.

32. Try a no-spend weekend often.

Save money and try a no-spend weekend often. If weather permits do free activities instead and enjoy a fun time with the family.

33. Wash your own car.

Bringing your vehicle to the car wash could take most of your saved change or money. Why not save those $5, $10 or $25 dollars and do it yourself.

34. Consider getting an affordable car.

If you are in the market for a new car, consider buying a used model to save money. Look for a good deal on a car that has few miles.

35. Shop sales on groceries each week and save money.

Look for sales on weekly flyers you receive in the mail. You can save a good amount of money by buying items that are on sale for that particular week at your local store.

36. Go to garage sales for clothes and other household goods.

Many times, you will find items that are in good condition or even brand new for a really cheap price at garage sales.

37. Don’t buy things impulsively.

Wait at least 24 hours before buying an item. It will give you time to think if you will actually use it or if it’s worth spending the money.

38. Change your AC/heater filters.

By changing your AC/heater filters they will not only run better but they will work efficiently to keep up with the temperature you want.

39. Try to air dry your laundry when you can.

Air drying your clothes will save you money in electricity. You can purchase a rack to set up indoors if you have space.

40. Shop after holidays.

Do your holiday shopping right after holidays when the majority of items are on clearance. Usually, the after holiday prices are around 70% to 80% on clearance.

41. Create a minimalist closet.

Usually, trendy clothes go out of style very quickly. Creating a minimalist closet with only essential pieces of clothes will save you not only money but also time. This is because you won’t need to shop as often. Keep neutral colors that are easy to mix and match outfits.

42. Pay more than minimum towards debt.

When possible, try to pay more than minimum towards debt. Even if the amount is $10 a month extra, this will make progress to being debt free.

43. Pay bills online.

Try online bill payments at your bank. A lot of time you can get discounts if you enroll in the paperless system.

Other miscellaneous ways to save more money:

44. Invite friends over instead of going out.

45. Don’t use credit cards to avoid paying interests.

46. Avoid the mall and go to discounted stores such as Tj Maxx, Marshalls or Ross.

47. Cancel magazine subscriptions and read them online.

48. Try to fix items around your house instead of calling a handyman.

49. Attend free events around your area for a night out.

50. Bring your own snacks and drinks whenever you are on a road trip.

51. Consolidate your student loans and lower your interest rate.

52. Save your leftovers and eat them.

53. Color your own hair.

54. Invest in energy efficient appliances.

55. Bath your own pets.

56. Stop buying soda and drink more water.

57. Save your change and once your container is full cash in.

58. Install low-flow toilets and shower heads at home.

59. Buy in bulk on food items you and your family eat regularly.

60. Use gasbuddy.com and download the app to find the best deals on gas around your area.

61. Switch car insurances and lower your monthly payment

62. Sign up for free reward programs at your local stores.

63. Switch bank accounts and take advantage of other bank promotions.

64. Learn to do basic maintenance on your car like changing oil, rotating tires and so on.

65. Cut down on vacations.

66. Avoid overdraft or out of network ATM fees from your bank.

67. Make DIY cleaning supplies.

68. Consider downsizing your house.

69. Declutter and sell your stuff for extra cash.

70. Use public transportation instead of driving.

71. If you are a student then take advantage of student discounts.

72. Use the library for free movies, books, and events.

73. Make a grocery list and stick to it.

74. Make sure to use reusable soap dispensers instead of buying new soap containers each time. Then buy refills to pour in.

75. Try to do your laundry once a week.

As you can see the list above describes many ways to save money every month.  By putting in practice all or some of these simple ways to save money you can end up saving thousands per year!

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